Fed-Supported Sites To Switch To One-Dose Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Staff Reporter
TALLAHASSEE, FL -- The Florida Division of Emergency Management has announced some changes at the 4 federally-supported COVID-19 vaccination sites across the state. Their statement reads as follows:

"Federally-Supported Sites to

Transition to One Dose
Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Today (4/2/21), the Florida Division of Emergency Management announced that the four federally-supported vaccination sites in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Miami will transition to the one dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine Tuesday, April 6. The state has been able to make this change as it receives an increased allocation of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine this week. After Monday, April 5, the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine will no longer be offered at the four federally-supported sites.

The four federally-supported sites will administer up to 3,000 one dose Johnson and Johnson per day, per site.

In order to reduce confusion regarding first and second doses due to ongoing changes at the federally-supported vaccination sites, the four federally-supported sites will begin only offering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. This will streamline the vaccination process at the sites and eliminate the need for individuals to return for a second dose.

All individuals who received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the federally-supported sites are guaranteed to receive their second dose at the federally-supported sites. The four main sites and the satellite sites will continue administering second doses of the Pfizer vaccine for individuals who received their first dose at these sites.

Once the satellite sites finish administering all second doses, they will no longer be operational.

Other state-supported vaccination sites continue to offer the Pfizer vaccine. The Division continues to encourage individuals to visit state-supported vaccination site, in addition to the federally-supported vaccination sites. A full list of state-supported vaccination sites, and the vaccine offered at each site, is available at FloridaDisaster.org/Vaccine."

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