DOH-Columbia Announces New COVID-19 Scheduling Process

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LAKE CITY, FL -- The Florida Department of Health in Columbia County has issued a statement concerning changes to the department's COVID-19 vaccine scheduling system. It reads as follows:
"The Department of Health in Columbia County (DOH-Columbia) is pleased to announce the new Everbridge Covid-19 Vaccine scheduling system is ready for use. DOH-Columbia has used a system since December 28, 2020, to ensure those individuals 65+ were able to schedule COVID-19 vaccines. As we prepare for more groups to become eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, a more user-friendly system is needed for the residents of Columbia County.
We encourage all individuals 18 years of age and older to sign up now in the new system. As more vaccine becomes available and additional groups become eligible, we can easily send phone, text, and e-mail appointment opportunities to those that have signed up.
'I am very thankful for the commitment of the Columbia County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) which provided funding for the new scheduling system. The Board understood the need and has been extremely supportive of the health department’s Covid-19 testing and now vaccination of county residents', stated DOH-Columbia Administrator Tom Moffses. Moffses continued, stating that 'The Columbia County BOCC, County Manager David Kraus, and Emergency Manager Shayne Morgan have assisted our staff, when needed, during the entire COVID-19 pandemic.'
Starting at the release of this statement (3/10/21), any individual signing up for Covid-19 vaccines from our website will be directed to our new site. This site can be accessed in any of the following methods:
1. http:// and then selecting the 'Register to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine' link.
4. Using the QR Code below:
Register to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine
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