DOH-Columbia Announces 2nd Dose Vaccinations Dates

Staff Reporter

LAKE CITY, FL -- The Florida Department of Health in Columbia County has issued a statement concerning 2nd dose COVID-19 vaccinations. It reads as follows:

"The Columbia County Health Department will be providing 2nd dose vaccinations on Tuesday, February 16th to individuals that received their 1st dose on Thursday, January 21st. Individuals will need to arrive at the same appointment time as their 1st dose appointment. Please bring your shot card with you that you were given at the 1st appointment. If for some reason you are unable to make it, please call us to let us know and reschedule your appointment. Note: This date is for individuals that received their 1st dose with the Columbia County Health Department. 

The location is the same (Southside Sports Complex soccer parking) and a consent form will need to be completed same as the 1st dose. If you would like to print the form and bring it with you already completed, you can access the form at

Medical staff will be onsite and after the vaccination, you will need to stay onsite for a minimum of 15 minutes.

*Please note the 2nd dose does not have to be exactly 28 days, the Moderna vaccine can be given at day 24 to 32. For individuals that have not received their 2nd dose and their 1st dose was provided prior to January 21st, please contact the health department to schedule the appointment. This can be done by calling 386-406-7006 or email at [email protected]."

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